Mary M. Adams - Pioneering Women’s Development through Evolutionary Enlightenment

Mary M. Adams, spiritual leader and mentor to hundreds globally, has well over thirty years experience bringing the insights of spiritual enlightenment to the reality of human transformation. She is one of a handful of Senior Teachers of Evolutionary Enlightenment, a new spiritual and philosophical path developed by teacher Andrew Cohen. Mary creates innovative programs that catalyze individuals and groups to develop new capacities of awareness, relatedness, and creativity. Her passion for women’s awakening has led her to forge a new developmental path for women based on the principles of Evolutionary Enlightenment.

Mary travelled the classic spiritual path of being a seeker of meaning and purpose to becoming a finder. After graduating from the Australian National University with a degree in Asian philosophy and language, she lived in India for seven years studying with some of the most revered spiritual masters of the 20th century, including Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and J. Krishnamurti. During this period, she spent months at a time in solitary meditation retreats in remote locations in the Himalayas and ashrams of southern India.

Andrew Cohen with Senior EnlightenNext Women

Senior EnlightenNext women celebrating the end of a seminar with Andrew Cohen

Later Mary moved to England where she co-founded and was on the Board of Directors for Gaia House international meditation center and also became a practicing psychotherapist. Over time, her passion for human life to be an expression of a higher purpose led her to meet Andrew Cohen. Cohen’s teaching that spiritual awakening meant nothing if not matched by tangible change in the individual, catalyzed a significant and ongoing transformation in Mary through which she discovered her life’s purpose. She moved to the US in 1988 to join Cohen as one of the founding members of his global nonprofit, EnlightenNext, and over the next two decades played key leadership roles at EnlightenNext. She co-founded the first London EnlightenNext center; supported the establishment of other centers in Europe, the US, and Australia; and was Co-Director of EnlightenNext’s prestigious international speakers’ series Voices from the Edge.

Today, Adams continues to fill an active role in EnlightenNext’s leadership—as a teacher, mentor, program developer, and senior level manager. She is also a Fellow on the Artemis Forum, which features programs and courses focused on changing culture through cutting-edge conversations between generations of women. Inspired and inspiring, her passion for the potential of this work to bring about real change in the world infuses the public talks and seminars on Evolutionary Enlightenment that she leads in the US and abroad.