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Spiritual Essentials for Freeing Your Potential and Creating a New World
With Mary Adams and Dr. Elizabeth Debold

This ten-week course provides an enlightened context in which to discover who you have been, who you are now, and who you can become. It will take you through a step-by-step process of experiencing how your own transformation is not separate from the evolution of all women. You will learn how to evolve the very structures that make up yourself to release greater capacities for liberated action, awakened clarity, and profound communion with others. And you will discover how to find within yourself a deeper and higher motivation for your own development – a motive that opens the door to discovering true purpose and new capacities as a human being.

The ten new agreements for radical change:

  1. To awaken to and embody an Evolutionary Perspective
  2. To trust the timeless depth of the Self Absolute
  3. To accept sole responsibility for creating the future
  4. To own women’s collective history
  5. To liberate my identity from sexual roles
  6. To cultivate higher rationality and perspective
  7. To engage in perpetual development
  8. To relinquish the need for affirmation
  9. To cultivate integrity of self
  10. To forge an enlightened sisterhood



Consciously Creating the Next Stage of Culture

Mary Adams Teaching in Seattle

Throughout human history, the greatest value a woman held was related to her sexuality – as a lover and as a mother. Our sexual attractiveness has long been the biggest source of our security and our power. And even though in less than 100 years, women in many countries have won great freedoms to pursue knowledge and careers, our self-expression and self-confidence are still often deeply tied to our ability to attract (or keep) a lover. These days in fact, expressing the erotic freely is seen as liberation. Yet, despite all of the apparent freedom on the surface, too many women struggle to connect deeply with themselves. Many of us are more distracted than we are willing to admit by the culturally enforced pursuit of “hotness,” or even feel a desperate sense of inadequacy if we don’t have children. But what we don’t realize is that these distractions prevent us from discovering a deeper source of confidence, meaning, and purpose in our lives. What would it mean to be vibrant, compelling, creative, intelligent women who were valued for far more than our sexual roles? Eros isn’t just about sex… Eros is the creative impulse in the Cosmos that ignites creativity, innovation, and evolution. This seminar focuses on awakening to and freeing Eros at the deepest level of ourselves – a new kind of women’s liberation that empowers us to become creative agents of change, and gives us a much deeper confidence in who we are.


With Mary Adams and Dr. Elizabeth Debold

Elizabeth Debold & Mary M. Adams

We’ve won our social freedoms. We can do anything or be anything we want to be. But that’s the point: what do we really want? Bombarded by media messages about who we are supposed to be, and cultural expectations that pull us in different directions, it’s hard to discover a deep sense of direction, confidence, and true freedom. Meditation opens the way to liberation at the deepest level. It reveals the true ground of who we are – always already free and ONE with the source of all of life. And this ground is the springboard for a new confidence and capacity to discover what we truly want, and how we want to live. In this seminar you will learn how to:

  • Find freedom from the confusion of thought and feeling
  • Discover a profound security rooted in the infinite ground of your deepest Self
  • Realize how your spiritual freedom is the foundation for evolving beyond gender as we’ve known it


Mary M. Adams

Educated Western women have more freedom of choice than any women in history. The path of marriage and children that defined our identity and fulfilled our sense of purpose for thousands of years is now merely one option among many. However, research shows that postmodern women today are less happy than our foremothers were before the 1960s revolution. While we have gained options, we haven’t found a new essential purpose that empowers us to reach higher and challenge our limits. Where and how do we find a new motivation and path to move forward, evolve who we, and become creative agents of lasting change? Through presentation, dialogue, and intimate group discussion, Mary places the predicament of the postmodern woman in an evolutionary context that illuminates a clear pathway forward. In this seminar, you will learn:

  • How to identify in yourself the postmodern woman’s paradox – the fact that we have so many freedoms and yet so often make choices that thwart our self-actualization.
  • How to develop agency – your capacity to make clear choices and take action in alignment with your highest aspirations.
  • Why the transformation of women’s consciousness is key to creating the next stage of culture.
  • Why women need to go beyond the limitations of history together to transform the foundation of culture, the dynamics of relationship between women and men.
  • How to align your choices with the evolutionary impulse, releasing a powerful creativity and directionality so that you can become an agent in creating the future.


An Evolutionary Perspective
Perth Womens groups seminar4 2013

We often hear that women are going to change the world, and that we are the ones we have been waiting for! But what does this really mean? In this lively presentation, Mary Adams explores what it takes for women to transform at a deep level in order to develop agency and become truly effective leaders. She brings the experience of over eighteen years of highly focused work with the women at EnlightenNext and what they have learned first-hand about the process of transformation. She will share with you how through engaging with the key tenets of Evolutionary Enlightenment, you can radically dis-embed yourself from cultural conditioning you may not even be aware of. The goal of this work is to forge a new kind of woman—courageous, confident, creative, and directional. It is through our own transformation as women, (and as men) that an entirely new culture can be created between us.


Developing Inner Strength and Outer Stability

Perth Womens seminar6 2013 w andra

The question of whether women can “have it all,” balancing motherhood with a successful career and/or leadership, is one that is currently raging in the blogosphere. This discussion is happening amongst women pushing the boundaries of who we are, and the role we play in creating the world in which we live. Women’s identity has been largely defined by our biology for millennia. Over the last fifty years, this has radically changed, as women have won unprecedented rights and freedoms. Underlying the question of “having it all,” however, there are deeper questions surfacing.

  • Do I want to become a leader?
  • Do I want to take the risks to forge the next step, and be visible?
  • Am I willing to fail and then pick myself up and keep going, in order to succeed?
  • Am I willing to take responsibility at the risk of not being liked?
  • Am I prepared to stand for something I believe in, in the face of criticism?
  • And am I willing to be an example?

These are real questions that speak to ingrained and conditioned structures within women that often highjack our highest aspirations.  In working with Mary, you will:

  • Discover a deep source of conviction, agency, and direction;
  • Learn to identify and transcend conditioned patterns that can sabotage your highest aspirations; and
  • Discover how to support and be supported by other women in an ‘evolutionary sisterhood’ versus a ‘girlfriend culture.’


The Gender Debate: Cracking the Code to True Partnership in the 21st Century

Cracking the code to true partnership in the 21st century

Why do we need a radically new relationship between men and women? What would it look like and how can we achieve it?

In this presentation, you will be introduced to a radically new and liberating perspective on gender and the history of gender relationships. This powerful perspective will reveal new ways forward, unlocking the entrenched and often hostile positions we can find ourselves trapped in, such as those raging in many cultural and political arenas.

Join Mary Adams for an in-depth liberating exploration of this challenging topic.